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3 different sized bowls of my “Kennedy” collection are finished and ready for their new home!
The first bowl is BIG and heavy. It is 14” across, 8” deep, and 46” round. Layers upon layers of my clay/stone/concrete mix, hand sculpted and painted with neutral colors. I used gold gild wax to highlight its features and dry brushed the outside using a mixture of gusso and a natural mineral and mica powder in White Chalcedony that adds just a tiny bit of sheen. $175

#2 is 12” across, 7” deep, and 32” round using the same powder mix for the outside, while I highlighted using gold gild wax both inside and out. $75

#3- 9 1/2” across, 10” deep, and 34” round. This beauty I painted in various shades of turquoise oil paints, while highlighting the edges in a true gold leaf. $125

All my bowls are hand sculpted by me and hand painted. Each one is unique in color, size, and aesthetics.
I do not have these listed on my website yet, so please dm me to purchase, and I will send you an invoice. My invoicing offers a payment plan at checkout if cost is a concern.

The cross prayer beads ARE available in my online store!

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