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Welcome to RH Designs MS

I am on a never-ending journey to find new ways to innovate and add extra depth to my work. 

Everything I create is one of a kind. 

ART is an adventure into an unknown world.

I was created to create ART, 

To inquire about a product or to place a custom order 


My concrete bowls offer an elegant variety of colors and texture, and are a versatile accent piece that will compliment any decor and style. I hand sculpt and paint each one using a variety of concrete mixes. My inspiration and admiration of Swiss Designer, Willy Guhl, pushed me into the direction of incorporating concrete mixes and different textiles to add reinforcement to each one to ensure a stability that will last a lifetime.

Each one in my concrete collection is unique and different. Slight variations in shape, color, weight, and size are to be considered a guarantee of authenticity and value. You will not regret investing in one of these show pieces either as an edition to your personal collection or gifted to a loved one. MISSISSIPPI MADE.

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